Cute Chubby Dragon Mask

Cute Chubby Dragon Mask




The mask itself is made from lightweight, double-layered cotton fabric. The pattern is embroidered onto the mask itself so unlike heat transfer patterns you can throw this in the wash without worrying about losing any of the detail of the design.


The elastic bands are 11 inches long and are knotted at 9 inches. Adjusting the elastic is very simple. If you find it too long, you can rotate the elastic to expose the knot and then add an additional knot to shorten. If you need to lengthen it, you will need to undo the knot and retie it slightly higher up the elastic.


Head wrap ties are two strands of 3foot long cotton tshirt tubing fabric. To secure tie the top two above your ears and behind your head, and the bottom two bellow the base of your skull behind your head.


If you need something specific for your needs please feel free to let us know and we'll be happy to try and accommodate!


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