Free Pattern Friday! 5/22/2020

This week I have been looking through a bunch of Plushy patterns! I have come across a lot of really cute ones. So today I want to share with you my favorites from a few different designers. Don't forget to check back next Friday for another post of my favorite patterns!

This Axolotl Lush is super adorable and is a pretty decent beginners patterns! I mean, how can you not love this face!? This pattern is by Choly Knight and can be found HERE.

And of course we can't forget a classic teddy bear pattern! This one is super cute and cuddly! You can find the free pattern HERE.

Got a bunch of socks that you just can't find the match to anymore? Don't throw them away. Instead make up this fraking adorable Sock Dragon!? I mean look at them? Does it get any cuter than that? You can find the free Pattern HERE

Pokemon and Overwatch? Yes please! These cute Pikachu and plushes are on the top of my to do list for this weekend! If you want to whip one up yourself, you can find the free pattern HERE.

I couldn't finish this blog post without a shout out to some Animal Crossing reference. The game of the 2020 Plague! So here is this amazing Marshal plush! This is a PAID pattern found HERE!


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