Free Pattern Friday!

I would like to start sharing the free patterns I come across in my hunt for new projects to do that are my favorites! I will be sharing 3-5 Free patterns and 1-2 Paid patterns in a blog post every Friday.

That being said, if anyone who doesn't sew but loves any of these projects and would like to see me add them to the store, feel free to reach out to me via E-mail or on Facebook.

This week we will be looking at the following 4 patterns!

This D20 dice bag is amazing, and this pattern is free and also available in other dice styles! This pattern is By Lenore Edman.

This 15 minute Zipper Pouch is the pattern I have been using for my zipper bags. With some alterations to size and padding. But this is the most basic of Zipper bag to get you started on making bags! Easy to follow direction and pictures throughout! Pattern by Melly Sews.

I made this Reusable fat Quarter Grocery bag for both myself and as a Birthday gift for a friend. It works up quick and has printable patterns to trace. The great thing is you can make this bag with just a couple

fat quarters of fabric! Pattern by Crystal.

This is a paid pattern, but was to adorable not to share! I have purchased this pattern from CholyKnight on Etsy and hope to make one soon!


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